Posted on September 14, 2020

All players and guests entering the casino must strictly follow these guidelines:

1. Wear face masks at all times, Masks shall be temporarily lifted during screening at the entry point for identification.

2. Undergo thermal screening at the entrance. Anybody with a temperature higher than 37.5 C will be denied entry.

3. Personal belongings/items can no longer be deposited at the processing point booth.

4. Present their PAGCOR Privilege Card (PPC) or Slot Machine Promotional Card (SMPC). Only carded players will be allowed to enter and play in the casino.

5. Observe frequent washing and disinfecting of hands.

6. Observe physical distancing of at least one (1) meter AT ALL TIMES.

7. No cash transactions at the gaming tables.

8. Only three (3) players for gaming table, seated one(1) chair apart from each other.

9. Slot Machine players must sit one (1) machine apart from each other.

10. No moochers, loiterers, bystanders, non-betting/roaming visitors.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Let us keep the fun going by helping keep a safe and healthy gaming environment!