Stud Poker

The player bets against the House. An ante bet is required to participate in the game. Five cards are then dealt to each participating hand including the Dealer. All cards are dealt face down except for the Dealer where one is dealt face up. The player may examine his hand as soon as the dealer has completed delivery of cards, after which the player must decide whether to fold or to play. If the player folds, he loses his ante bet. If he decides to play, he must place an additional raise bet on the betting slot provided equivalent to exactly twice his ante bet. The player then places his cards face down over the "Dealer only plays with Ace/King or better" line opposite his hand.

After all players have made their decision, the dealer turns over the rest of his cards to reveal the House hand. The House plays only with an Ace/King or better, otherwise all hands remaining on the game win their ante bets which is paid even money (1 to 1). Raise bets in this case do not get paid and are returned to their owners.

If the House obtains a hand with an Ace/King or better, a player's hand that outranks the House hand wins and is paid even money for his ante bet, while his raise bet is paid depending on the rank of the player's hand.

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