The new Pontoon offers more ways to win. The same old game of Blackjack with great new rules. Eight Spanish decks (A-9, J, Q, and K) are used. Dealer stands on hard 17 and draws to soft 17.

Player's Pontoon wins at the odds of 3 to 2.

Player's total of hard 21 wins at the odds of:

A. Hard 21 with 3 to 4 cards – 1 to 1

B. Hard 21 with 5 cards or more – 3 to 2

Player's total of soft 21 never loses, but will tie with Dealer's Pontoon and 21.

Pair Bets
Pair outcome on the initial deal immediately pays 10 to 1.

A hand dealt with a pair on its first two cards may be split to a maximum of three separate hands only. Hitting and buying is allowed after splitting, except on split Aces.

Buy Bets
Stakes may be increased for each hit card up to 3 additional times.

Surrender /Business / Partial Business:
These options enable the player to give up half of all his bets, half of all buy bets, or half the third/second and third buy bets, respectively, provided that the Dealer does not have an Ace as show card.

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